New in 2013

We learned a lot during the first Global PLM Virtual Event in September 2012, through informal exchanges and the formal survey, and we have decided consequently to change a few things in 2013.

What are we changing for 2013?

New Platform:

In order to improve the user experience, we are going to change the platform and use “Business Hangouts” a new app developed by ALTADYN, based on Google’s Hangouts (video conferencing) platform.

A screen capture from the Business Hangouts app

The Business Hangouts app

New technologies and Vendors:

Social PLM, Big Product Data, Cloud based PLM, Collaboration, to be exposed.

Software demos by Vendors:

Several vendors had asked to demo their software. That is now possible this year.

No Exhibit Hall:

The content of the conference is going to be composed of presentations and demos. No Exhibit Hall this year.

More Training and Dry Run:

To make sure the experience si smooth for everyone.

Feedback Survey from Social PLM 2012

The above changes were guided by the survey we collected.

The feedback from Sponsors/Speakers/Partners was great (there were around 20 of them in 2012) :

Sponsors - Exhibitors-Speakers-Partners

Sponsors – Exhibitors-Speakers-Partners Survey

  • 85% of them considered the event theme (Social PLM) being excellent, 15% being good.
  • 83% of them considered the conference content being good, 17% being excellent
  • 1/3 declared having loved the event as a whole appreciation
  • 1/3 declared having liked the event as a whole appreciation
  • 1/3 had a mixed feeling regarding the event as a whole appreciation
  • 0% disliked it
  • 100% of them declared being moderately likely or very likely or extremely likely to recommend the Event.

The feedback Survey from Registrants and Attendees (we had about 1000 registrants) showed that some of them were not prepared for a Virtual Event, hadn’t tried the platform before the event and didn’t make sure their hardware and network configuration was setup properly for a Virtual Conference. They massively liked the content of the conference though and 81% declared being moderately likely or very likely or extremely likely to recommend the Event.

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