Social PLM
 is the first Global Virtual Conference & Exhibition for the Product Life-cycle Management market .
Supported by billions of users who contribute to the creation of hundreds of Billions of $ and still growing at the same pace, Social Media is not just for fun or for work or for socializing, it’s for all of that and more. It seems amazing and unprecedented, but after all, it’s just a normal consequence of the Internet getting mature, smartphones getting connected and interactions getting easier and faster.
The Social Phenemona's growth is accelerated. © Ethority

The Social Phenemona’s growth is accelerated. © Ethority

Despite the global unprecedented “Social” phenomena and its continued and even accelerated growth, PLM is taking its time to become social. Observers and analysts have different opinions on the reasons why the Social PLM is late. Some analysts consider that it has always taken a lot of time for PLM professionals in the industry to catch up with new technologies, understand them and apply them. Other observers consider that what we saw in the past couple of years was some sort of Social PLM 1.0 and the next phase will be more successful. They are certainly both right, but definitely there is at least one more reason: Technology providers are lacking innovation, maybe lacking competition as there are not enough new entrants in the PLM space. As we move ahead, more technology will become available which integrates social mechanisms, favors quasi real time collaboration, enables Cloud based PLM, deals with Big Data and handles some of the old concerns or rather pretexts such as security.
Some of the companies represented during Social PLM 2012

Some of the companies represented during Social PLM 2012

Social PLM 2013 will not only be about concepts and processes but it will also be technology focused including demos, show-casing the state of the art and new trends in PLM including social, cloud, big data and more. REGISTER NOW and learn more.

Do you know how you are being impacted in your business, by social media, and how your partners, customers and collaborators needs have changed? Whether you are an Engineer, a Designer, a Product Manager, a Marketer or a PLM software vendor, what have you really changed in your habits to adopt this new environment? Are you hearing your customers’ new requirements ? Are you changing fast enough to stay as a responsive supplier to your customers and partners?

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Social PLM is a Global Online Event during which you’ll be able to get some answers to these questions and to progress in your Social PLM strategy. In a new and unique format, Visio Conferencing with Geolocation, based on Google’s Hangouts technology and Altadyn’s apps, you can interact with expert speakers and PLM vendors, in a format close to face-to-face, which favors social collaboration, but at no cost and in the most efficient manner from your office or your home, with no need to lose time and spend money traveling. You can also network with your peers, in real time, with other attendees from around the world. Just log into the Virtual Conference with your social media profile (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+), learn about their newest offers, and attend conferences offered by analysts and experts. No-one in the PLM industry wants to ignore social media or to miss this event.  REGISTER NOW

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